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Our team provides commercially focused advice to businesses on contractual risk, dispute and compliance issues that may arise as they operate and grow.

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Commercial Services in Bishops Stortford

Commercial Business Services: Empowering Your Business Success with Anderson Browne Solicitors.

In the dynamic landscape of business, legal expertise is the cornerstone of success. Anderson Browne Solicitors is your trusted partner, offering a comprehensive suite of business services designed to support your endeavours, protect your interests, and foster growth.

Commercial Leases:

Navigating the complexities of commercial leases requires strategic insight and meticulous attention to detail. Our dedicated team at Anderson Browne Solicitors is well-versed in all aspects of commercial leasing, providing expert guidance in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating leases to safeguard your business interests. We provide comprehensive commercial property advice for new and established businesses, including the grant of a lease, lease assignments, renewals or surrender, and rent reviews.

Sale or Purchase of Business as a Going Concern:

Whether you are looking to sell your business or acquire a new one, our solicitors are here to facilitate seamless transactions. We guide you through the intricacies of the sale and purchase process, ensuring legal compliance, and helping you make informed decisions that align with your business objectives.

Drafting Commercial Agreements:

Clear and comprehensive agreements are essential for establishing the foundation of a successful business partnership. We are focused on ensuring we address the unique needs of your business, promoting efficiency and transparency, and preventing potential disputes. Anderson Browne Solicitors has assisted business for many years and can assist your business.

We provide practical advice and guidance on a wide spectrum of commercial company and property matters including:

  • Acquisitions and disposal of freehold and leasehold land and property
  • Commercial leases (grant of a new lease, Lease renewal, Variation and Surrender of leases)
  • Sale and purchase of companies and businesses as a going concern
  • Non-disclosure and Confidential Agreements
  • Company/Staff Handbook
  • Standard Terms and Conditions
  • Partnership, Directors and Shareholders Agreements (Including advice on liabilities)
  • Commercial Agreements
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Company Agreements
  • Bank Loan Agreements
  • Guarantees and Indemnities (Personal Guarantees)

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Why Choose Anderson Browne Solicitors for Your Commercial Business Needs:

Industry Expertise: Our solicitors bring a wealth of experience and industry-specific knowledge, ensuring that our advice and services are tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities within your sector.

Proactive Legal Solutions: We understand that in the business world, time is of the essence. Anderson Browne Solicitors is committed to providing proactive legal solutions, minimizing delays, and facilitating swift, efficient transactions.

Strategic Partnership: Your business success is our priority. We see ourselves as strategic partners, working collaboratively with you to understand your goals, mitigate risks, and maximize opportunities.

We provide practical advice and guidance on a wide spectrum of commercial company and property matters including:

Contract Check Service

  • Navigating the complexities of legal contracts can be a daunting task.
  • At Anderson Browne, we offer a meticulous and thorough contract check service. Our dedicated team of experienced solicitors is committed to ensuring that your contracts are robust, legally sound, and aligned with your objectives.

  • Whether you're a business owner, professional, or individual, our team examines every detail of your contracts to identify potential risks, loopholes, and areas for improvement. We provide you with a comprehensive overview, to ensure your interests are protected, and empowering you to make informed decisions.

Tailored Advice

Understanding the nuances of a contract is crucial in making sound business decisions. We offer tailored advice on all aspects of your contracts. From clarifying legal jargon to highlighting potential pitfalls, we ensure that you have a clear understanding of your contractual obligations and rights.

Contract Review and Amendments

Should the need arise for amendments or renegotiations, our team will recommend modifications. We work closely with you to identify particular areas that require attention, providing strategic advice to strengthen your position and protect your interests.

If you require assistance with any other commercial services, contact us today to explore how our Commercial Services can contribute to the success and resilience of your business. Get in touch to discuss your requirements or to schedule a consultation with one of our Team.

Commercial Fees
New Lease / Lease Assignment Acting for buyer/seller/assignee/assignor – under 7 years from £1800.00 over 7 years from £2200.00
Selling a Business as a going concern Acting for buyer – from £2500.00
Acting for seller – from £2200.00
If the sale includes property/lease Additional £550.00
Sale of Commercial units
Up to £300,000 Acting for buyer – from £1800.00
Acting for buyer – from £2000.00
Acting for seller – from £1550.00
£500,001 to £750,000 Acting for buyer – from £2500.00
Acting for seller – from £1950.00
Over £750,001 Acting for buyer – from £2800.00
Acting for seller – from £2350.00
Plus Disbursements
(The fees for our services never includes expenses or third-party costs)

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