Employment Lawyers in Bishops Stortford

Employment law affects almost everyone, whether you are an employee, employer, director, contractor, agency worker, freelancer etc. Our employment law team advises employees and employers, and we work with you to resolve any employment related issues you may be dealing with.  We work with employers to develop and implement good working practices across the board to avert problems.

Our Lawyers advise and assist on a range of employment law cases including:


Employment tribunal claims for unfair/wrongful dismissal

We provide a wide range of employment law services including both pursuing and defending employment tribunal claims and appeals. These costs only relate to unfair/wrongful dismissal claims in the Employment Tribunal. Please contact us for information and costs for other services.

Hourly rate

Our hourly rate of £250.00 per hour will apply. The more issues or complexities involved in a matter; the more time will be required. The final cost will depend on the individual circumstances, complexity and duration of the matter.

Simple case

Case requires up to 20 hours of work, costs could be up to £5,000.00 excluding VAT

Medium complexity case

Case requires up to 50 hours of work, costs could be up to £20,000.00 excluding VAT

High end / Complex case

Case will require over 50 hours of work, and costs will be from £20,000.00 excluding VAT

Plus Disbursements

Work included in fixed fee:


Disbursements (i.e. expenses), are costs related to your matter that are paid to third parties, such as court, experts and barristers fees etc. These expenses are never included in our fees. We require funds on account, in order to handle these expenses to ensure a smooth process.

Counsel’s fees vary according to the experience of the individual counsel.  Fees for a hearing are usually based on a brief fee which covers the cost of preparation and the first day of the hearing and “refresher” or a daily rate which is payable for the second and each subsequent day of the hearing.

Work included in fixed fee:

How long will my matter take?

The time that it takes from taking your initial instructions to the final resolution of your matter will usually depend on whether your matter settles and if so at what stage. A settlement can be proposed at any time. The employment tribunal aims is to conclude all cases within 26 weeks of the claim starting but in reality most take longer.

Why Anderson Browne Solicitors?

To speak to a member of our employment law team, or arrange a free 15-minute consultation, call: 01279 598 008 or send a confidential email: info@andersonbrownesolicitors.co.uk.