Wills and Probate Services in Bishops Stortford

Very few people like to consider their own mortality too deeply however with the tax and inheritance laws in place in the UK it is foolhardy to not make a plan.

At Anderson Browne Solicitors our solicitors recognise that everyone approaches this subject differently and they will sensitively take you through each step of the process required to produce you Will. When a will has been drafted correctly it will ensure your legacy can be distributed accordingly to your specific wishes.

 Do you have a will that is current and contains all your wishes? Do you have an old will that needs amending? Have you made adequate and legally binding arrangements for your loved ones? Have you made proper arrangements for your child, partner or a trusted friend if the unexpected happens?

Prepare and Register a Lasting Power of Attorney in Bishops Stortford

Another increasingly common fact of life is the need to prepare living wills, or preparing and registering a power of attorney, which can allow your agents to deal with your property according to your wishes. This practice ensures that complicated legal proceedings can often be avoided, especially in cases where the person involved is either physically or mentally vulnerable.

We can also assist with probate applications and filing of the relevant tax forms to HMRC.  Equally, in cases where no Will has been prepared, we can provide a professional discreet and sympathetic Estate Administration service.

Services include:

Anderson Browne Solicitors Wills and Probate seminars

We also give free Seminars several times a year providing valuable information about these crucial issues. Our Seminars are well received as they simplify issues concerning wills and probate; and highlight the benefits of preparing wills, and powers of attorney etc, and provide a forum for questions and answers in a relaxed environment. Due to the post covid realities that we must still observe, these seminars can be done virtually.

Contact us for more information if you are interested in arranging a free seminar (you will require a suitable venue and at least 10 people attending).

Cancer Research Free Wills

Now available to everyone over 18 years old.

Not yet made your Will or Do you need to make changes to an existing will?

With the Cancer Research UK Free Will scheme, you can get a simple Will written completely free of charge at Anderson Browne Solicitors.

Cancer Research UK logo

When it comes to writing a Will, we are all guilty of forever putting it off. Cancer Research UK will waive the cost of your simple Will written by Anderson Browne Solicitors, so you can make sure that when the time comes, your wishes are clear and will be honoured.

Leaving a Gift in your Will saves lives

Interested?  It’s simple:

  1. Book an appointment today info@andersonbrownesolicitors.co.uk or 01279 598 008 / 07958 571 391
  2. Complete and return the planner
  3. Have your will prepared
  4. Leave a gift in your will to save lives

Home and Hospital Visits are available for a fixed fee, paid in advance of the meeting. The fixed fee is calculated based on the urgency and distance to your address.

Uncontested Probate & Estate Administration

Hourly rate:
At the lower range, this type of work will typically take between 8 to 12 hours at an hourly rate of £250.00 per hour. The more issues or complexities involved in a matter; the more time will be required. The final cost will depend on the individual circumstances, complexity and duration of the matter.
Simple case Medium complexity High end /Complex
The estate will typically have no more than three beneficiaries, up to one property, no more than three bank accounts, no shareholding and no Inheritance tax due. Costs could be in the range of £1,500.00 to £4,000.00 excluding VAT and disbursements. The estate is slightly bigger than at the lower end, may have some shareholding, various bank accounts, one property eligible for RNRB, but no liability for inheritance tax. Costs could be in the range of £4,500.00 to £8,000.00 excluding VAT and disbursements. The estate is more sizeable, complex, or liable for inheritance Tax. Costs will start from £8,500.00 excluding VAT and disbursements. Fees will be assessed at the beginning and reviewed at various stages and you will be kept informed throughout the process.


Work included in fixed fee:

Standard Terms for Fixed fee cases:

Disbursements (i.e. expenses):

Disbursements (i.e. expenses), are costs related to your matter that are paid to third parties, such as court fees, experts, barristers etc. These expenses are never included in our fees. We require funds on account, in order to handle these expenses to ensure a smooth process. The usual disbursements include (but not limited to):

Additional costs

How long will my matter take?

On average, the probate process, and estate administration takes within 4 to 6 months.

Why Anderson Browne Solicitors?

To speak to a member of our wills and probate team, or arrange a free 15-minute consultation, call: 01279 598 008 or send a confidential email: info@andersonbrownesolicitors.co.uk.